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    IB Almond Flakes have a deliciously creamy nut flavour, pale cream colour and firm, fresh texture. These Californian nitty gritty are energizing and tasty while providing a peculiar taste that would make you fall in love with it with the very first bite. These almonds are a great snack for kids and are vegan and keto-friendly. Indulge in the nutty delicacies straight from the package or toss them with your meats and veggies or garnish them over your smoothies and salads–these flakes add more nutrition and value to your diet.

    Nutritional Facts

    • Calories: 170,
    • Carbs: 5 g,
    • Fat: 16 g,
    • Protein: 6 g.

     How to Use

    • Sprinkle on the top of salads, mix them with cereals and add them to both savory and sweet dishes.


    1. Rich source of antioxidants and magnesium
    2. Extremely high in Vitamin E
    3. Helps in weight management by controlling hunger prangs
    4. Reliable source of protein and fibre
    5. Promotes good digestive health
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