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    Hajmola is a digestive medicated tablet manufactured by Dabur in India. It consists of a variety of traditional Ayurvedic herbs, and is supposed to control dyspepsia, ease in digestion and control flatulence. Although intended to be a digestive tablet, it is popularly eaten even in the absence of digestive trouble. Hajmola tablets are widely known to help keep the symptoms of some common stomach problems under control, including bloating or indigestion. If one should have frequent heartburn or begin to have a typical stomachache from eating too much food, the tablets or candies might be a solution to one’s stomachache. Generally, they are both convenient and easy to use. Usually, one might choose to take some of the tablets before traveling abroad to help avoid air sickness.


    • Kali Mirch (Black Pepper)
    • Krishnalavana (Black Salt)
    • Jeeraka (Cumin seeds)
    • Sunthi Satva (Ginger)
    • Long Pepper
    • Lemon
    • Sea salt
    • Navsadar
    • Pudina flavour
    • Tonic Sugar base

     How to Use

    Can be taken at any time of the day. Chewing slowly improves the taste. Recommended Dose Adults and elderly 1 - 2 tablets Children 1 tablet Overdose Caution Hajmola Tablets taken in large dose can cause irritation in the stomach Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place

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