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    About the Product

    White Gold Whitening Beauty Soap is a special combination of healthy Fruity Boosters that allows you to maintain the quality and beauty of your Skin. This product is an excellent source to get Glowing Skin and allows you to keep your Skin more and more Young and Fair.

    Papaya extracts work as Skin tightening and anti-aging agent. Papaya contains Vitamin A which works as an anti-oxidant on your Skin. It also eliminates dead cells of your epidermis layer. It eliminates brown areas and imperfections.

    Blackberry extracts are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. It also offers the highest stage of anti-oxidants, its black color evidence the high anti-oxidant stage.

    Polyphenols and Anthocyanosides are anti-oxidants found in blackberry, both of these help in battling toxins. Blackberry extracts also secure your Skin against the harmful UVB and UVA radiation and help in Skin cells restoration.

    How it Works

    Formula with Natural Micro Tech with advanced micro technology, natural active ingredients (Aloe Vera extracts & sea minerals) can now absorb faster and work more effectively.

    • Actively brightens and protects against harmful rays of sun
    • Help keeps skins young and fair

    How to Use

    Use twice daily. Wet face and neck with plain water. Apply White Gold Whitening Soap and make rich creamy lather foam. Gently massage clockwise for at least 3 minutes. Wash well with plenty of water. After just a single application, you will notice fair skin.

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