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    Get clear, healthy, glowing skin naturally with Vicco Turmeric Face Wash. Prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads with every wash. Wash gently after use. A healthier way to better skin.

    This face wash has a refreshing fragrance and soothing texture. Although it is specially crafted for people with oily skin, it can be used for all skin types.


    • Fights pimples and skin infections
    • Clears pores and removes blackheads
    • Accelerates skin cell renewal
    • Removes tan and lightens dark circles and spots
    • Its antifungal properties help in curing minor wounds, cuts and small skin injuries as well
    • Deep cleans and gives your skin and gives it a renewed glow



    • Splash your face with water
    • Take a coin sized amount on your palm and lather it up
    • Apply on your face gently
    • Rinse off and pat dry
    • For best results, use the Vicco Turmeric skin cream after washing your face
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