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    About the Product

    Uphaar Gluten Free Atta Allows You To Make Healthy Indian Diet Breads At Home. It Is Perfect For Cooking At Home. Uphaar Gluten free Farali Flour is perfect for you if you’re trying to substitute your flour with a healthier version. 

    Uphaar Gluten Free Atta is basically a product recommended for people who are having 'Gluten Allergy'. 

    Uphaar Gluten Free Atta is a good source of energy, it could be a suitable for regular consumers also. 

    The product is a good coarse flour from which chapatis can be rolled out. 


    • Suitable for fasting


    Tapioca Pearls 50%, Amaranth 24%, Water Chestnut 3.6%, Barnyard Millet 2.4%, Sorghum 12%, Finger Millet 4%, Corn 2%, Soyabean (contains SOY) 2%

    Nutritional Facts (per 100g)

    • Energy (kcal): 367,
    • Protein (g): 10.9,
    • Fat(g): 1.7,
    • Carbohydrate(g): 77,
    • Sugar(g): 5.4,
    • Dietary Fibre(g): 10.5.

    How To Use

    To make 8 - 10 chapatis, take about 150 gm Uphaar Gluten Free Atta and add 120 ml water. Knead well. After about 10 minutes, roll out chapatis as desired. 

    For added taste and softness add salt & vegetable oil. 


    • Not only can those allergic to gluten eat this, this is also perfect for those who are trying to lose weight because this is a very high fibre content.
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