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    Sri Sai Flora Fluxo Incense

    These special incense sticks have been hand rolled in Karnataka, south India for many years. You will see that each high quality stick is prepared from adorferous resins, gums & natural essential oils that create its signature sacred scent. 

    This mystic aroma is specially formulated to worship God, to deoderize Living Quarters and to create a peaceful atmosphere for everyday activities.

    Each eco-friendly pack is approx 25g and contains approx 10 sticks. Each stick burns for +40mins and leaves a lasting aroma that lingers for hours.

    The scent profile is warm and rich, with sweet woodsy tones and notes of Frank and amber.


    • Unblocking the body’s energy centres
    • Aura cleansing and space cleansing
    • Bringing positive, calming and uplifting energy to a space
    • In ritual and ceremony, in prayer, meditation, connecting to Spirit
    • Divine awareness
    • Healing and soothing the mind
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