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    About the Product

    Silver Coin Traditional Chakki Atta provides the goodness of health in every bite. This product incorporates many benefits of wheat and lets your body maintain a nutrient balance. It is made of nutritious wheat grains. Also, it has a sweet and aromatic taste that gives you fuller and softer rotis, every single time. Buy Silver Coin Traditional Chakki Atta online now!


    • Made with superior wheat blend Traditional Chakki Process.
    • Absorbs water more efficiently to make your rotis soft and fluffy.
    • The intensive wheat cleaning process and hygienic packaging.
    • High perfection in granulation.
    • Absolutely pristine and untouched by hand.
    • No preservatives added.
    • Assurance of consistent quality.


    Wheat Atta

    Nutritional Facts (per 100g)

    • Energy (kcal): 367,
    • Protein (g): 10.9,
    • Fat(g): 1.7,
    • Carbohydrate(g): 77,
    • Sugar(g): 5.4,
    • Dietary Fibre(g): 10.5.

    How To Use

    • It can be used for making chapattis, puri, paratha, kulcha, katchori, cake, cookies etc.
    • To make roti add oil, salt and water as required and knead into a smooth soft dough.
    • Make a small to medium ball and flatten it out and start roalling it in a flat circle.
    • Put in on hot tava and cook on both sides. Once ready serve it hot with dal or any veggie dish.


    • It is rich in insoluble fiber, which is concentrated in the bran.
    • Enriched wheat flour may be a good source of iron, thiamine, niacin, calcium, and vitamin B6, in addition to the above nutrients.
    • Whole wheat may be a decent source of several vitamins and minerals, including selenium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, and folate.
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