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    About the Product

    Osmans has a vast range of spices and flavours that are worth using in your cooking! Travel the world of delicious flavours when using the Osman’s Taj Mahal Extra Special Durban Masala Spice in your cooking!


    chilli, cinnamon, clove, pepper, turmeric, cumin, coriander

    How to use

    1. 1 kg mutton / chicken
    2. ghee / oil
    3. 1 big onion chopped
    4. 2 tomatoes
    5. 1 tablespoon Osman's Taj Mahal Durban Masala
    6. Salt to taste

    Wash, cut and drain meat. Heat some oil or ghee (Clarified butter) in a pot. Finely chop 1 big onion. Add to the pot and braise till golden. Add heat. Add Osman's Durban Masala and salt and allow to cook. Add 2 chopped tomatoes and cook till meat is tender. Add water if desired. Garnish with fresh coriander. It is optional to add ginger and garlic paste to the meal.

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