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  • Description

    Proso Millet is rich in magnesium, which helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and atherosclerosis. 

    Because it acts as a vasodilator, it is an excellent source of potassium to help maintain low blood pressure. It helps optimize the circulatory system, thereby protecting cardiovascular health. 

    How to Use Proso Millet In Your Daily Diet

    • Proso sprouted seeds can be added to soups and salads
    • Proso millet seeds can also be ground to make bread, fermented food, noodles, bread, pasta, etc.
    • It can be added to vegetable stews and meats.
    • Proso millet can be fried with chopped vegetables
    • Proso millet porridge can be made from boiled millet with the addition of fruits and nuts
    • Proso millet flour can also be used to make chapattis, dosas and idlis.
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