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    The hard brown seed from the nutmeg tree has a humid, spicy syrupy savour. The fruit is light yellow with red and green markings, similar to apricot or a large plum. It has a warm, spicy scent and flavour and can be used in sugary and savoury cooking.

    Nutritional Facts

    • Calories: 525,
    • Carbs: 49 g,
    • Fat: 36 g,
    • Protein: 6 g.

    How to Use

    • It is used to flavour cakes, pudding, apple pie and custard.
    • It is also used in warming beverages all over the world, like tea, mulled wine, and eggnog.


    • Ability to relieve pain.
    • Soothe indigestion.
    • Strengthen cognitive function.
    • Detoxify the body.
    • Boost skin health.
    • Alleviate oral conditions.
    • Reduce insomnia. 
    • Increase immune system function.
    • Prevent leukemia.
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