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    About the Product

    Jalebi is a very popular and much-loved Indian sweet dish that can be a dessert and a quick snack. Thus crispy saffron-coloured Jalebis are made out of fermented wheat and lentil, dipped in sugar syrup and consumed either hot or cold. It has come with an easy maker bottle, an instant solution to your dessert plans after family meals. 

    The cooking process is made simple with a single mix that can be used to prepare the batter for your Jalebis. Jalebis are usually served along with a generous portion of flavoured and condensed milk - chilled Gits Rabdi, and the combo tastes like heaven. Gits dessert ready mixes are made using the finest ingredients, and with the suggested recipes, you can make fantastic homemade Indian sweets.


    • Classic flavour Jalebi 
    • With Jalebi Maker Bottle
    • Easy to make Jalebi-mix Sambar-mix, makes 25 per pack
    • No preservatives, artificial flavours or colours
    • Safe and hygienic packaging

    Wheat Flour (64%), Urad Daal (Split Black Gram Flour), Bakery Shortening (Palmolein Oil, Sesame Oil), Sodium Bicarbonate (E500(iii)), Citric Acid (E330) & Permitted antioxidants E320

    How to Use

    Step - 1

    • Mix contents of the pack with 125ml water.
    • Stir to a smooth batter.
    • Pour into Gits Jilebi maker or alternatively in thick cloth with a small hole.

    Step - 2

    • Heat 250g edible oil or ghee in a shallow pan.
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