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    Henna Is Often Known As A Healing Plant Which Boosts In Deep Conditioning Your Hair As well As Increasing The Scalp Circulation. Vatika Henna Hair Oil Leaves You With A Glossy Natural Brown Color Tint Giving You That Natural Look You Have Always Strived For!.
    • GET NATURAL BROWN HAIR COLOR WITH NATURAL EXTRACTS: Indulge your hair with the nourishing benefits of henna and almond extracts, known for their remarkable properties. Not only will your hair be beautifully colored, but it will also be infused with moisture and vitality, leaving it feeling silky-smooth and radiant.
    • 100% GREY COVERAGE: This advanced formula is specifically designed to ensure 100% coverage of those stubborn greys, giving you a youthful and vibrant look. Say goodbye to visible grey strands and hello to a revitalized appearance. Its potent blend works harmoniously to penetrate each hair fiber, delivering rich and even color from root to tip.
    • RICH COLOR IN 30 MINS: In just 30 minutes, you can achieve remarkable results that will leave you amazed. The fast-acting formula saves you precious time while providing long-lasting and true-to-tone color. Whether you're aiming for a dramatic change or a subtle transformation, Vatika Naturals Henna Hair Colour guarantees stunning and flawless coverage every time.
    • AMMONIA FREE - This ammonia-free formula ensures that your hair remains smooth, lustrous, and glossy throughout the coloring process. It's time to embrace a hair color that not only enhances your style but also cares for your hair's long-term health.
    • DIRECTIONS OF USE: 1) Mix: Empty one sachet of henna powder hair colour into a bowl. Add 40 ml of water and mix to form a uniform paste. 2) Apply: Using an applicator brush, apply the paste evenly and focus on the grey hair. Allow the colour to develop for 30 minutes. 3) Rinse: Wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.
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