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    Been a while since you've enjoyed Amma's Palli Chutney? Or want to give mom a well-deserved break? Well, then grab our Chutnefy Peanut Chutney that brings to you that authentic Andhra, home-style flavour - a Staple in most households, and in our range too. 

    Dip (or scoop) it up with your breakfast or snack, and enjoy this perfectly balanced combination of nuttiness, sweetness and spice! And it's ready in just a stir, so no more chopping, cooking or dishwashing! Just Peel. Pour. Chutnefy. 

    Each Chutnefy Chutney comes in an easy, convenient single-use pack to give you the flavour punch that'll hit the spot every single time, and gives you ~100ml of Chutney once mixed - easily enjoyed by 2!

    Spice level: Spicy

    Instructions (For 40gm Pack)

    PEEL the seal

    POUR 50 - 60ml of normal water per serving - that's right, no hot water needed!

    CHUTNEFY by giving it a nice stir, and it's done!

    Want to indulge? Add a dollop of Gingelly oil to give the chutney a luscious texture. 

    Chef's note: We've got a way we love our chutney - thick and rich! But go ahead and add a little more water once fully stirred to get it to the consistency you'd like to enjoy it in.

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