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    A Chettinad-Styled Flavour bomb that's loaded with the earthy richness of mushrooms, spiced up with an added punch of Black Garlic. The Chutnefy Mushroom & Black Garlic Chutney is truly something unique, and an absolute must-try from our Superfoods Range. 

    Dip (or scoop) it up with your breakfast or snack, and enjoy this finely crafted flavour that takes Chutney to a whole new level! And it's ready in just a stir, so no more chopping, cooking or dishwashing! Just Peel. Pour. Chutnefy. 

    Each Chutnefy Chutney comes in an easy, convenient single-use pack to give you the flavour punch that'll hit the spot every single time, and gives you ~100ml of Chutney once mixed - easily enjoyed by 2!

    Spice level: Medium

    Instructions (For 25g pack)

    PEEL the seal

    POUR 65-75ml of plain water - that's right, no hot water needed!

    CHUTNEFY by giving it a nice stir, and it's done!

    Want to indulge? Add a dollop of Gingelly oil to give the chutney a luscious texture. 

    Chef's note: We've got a way we love our chutney - thick and rich! But go ahead and add a little more water once fully stirred to get it to the consistency you'd like to enjoy it in.

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