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    With a pop of flavour and its irresistibly creamy texture, the Bell Pepper Chutney from our Specials Range is the life of any party. Its mild spice with hint of sweetness is so well balanced, it pairs beautifully with just about anything!

    It’s great scooped up with your breakfast, slathered on some rotis for dinner or as a dip for your snacks. And it's ready in just a stir, so no more chopping, cooking or dishwashing! Just Peel. Pour. Chutnefy. 

    Each Chutnefy Chutney comes in an easy, convenient single-use pack to give you the flavour punch that'll hit the spot every single time, and gives you ~100ml of Chutney once mixed - easily enjoyed by 2!

    Spice level: Mild

    Instructions (For 25g pack)

    PEEL the seal

    POUR  65-75ml of normal water - that's right, no hot water needed!

    CHUTNEFY by giving it a nice stir, and it's done!

    Chef's note: We've got a way we love our chutney - thick and rich! But go ahead and add a little more water once fully stirred to get it to the consistency you'd like to enjoy it in.

    100% Veg 

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