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    For a halal alternative to commercial nail polish, try nail henna.  Dubbed the “World’s Best Nail Henna”, Chandni Nail Henna is perfect for coloring fingernails and toenails.  Best of all, you wont have to worry whether you will still be able to perform wudu or if the new “water permeable” nail polishes actually allow wudu to be performed properly.  Nail henna lasts much longer than commercial nail polish and won’t chip.  Try it and we are sure you will agree that nail henna is a much better alternative to nail polish!!  Chandni Brand Nail Henna comes in an easy to use, convenient finger sized tube. Color just your nails or even entire finger tips if you like!  Stains to a dark orange/red in about an hour.  For a darker stain, apply it again after 12 hours.  Makes a unique party favor at bridal or baby showers!! 

    Colour : Red Henna Stain

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