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    About the Product

    Available in MINT, MANGO, ROSE & MUKHWAS.
    This mouth freshener will definitely pamper your taste buds with a delicious taste and intense flavor that prolongs minty breath! An excellent choice for school, office or traveling!

    Soothing your sweet cravings and keeping your mouth minty fresh doesn’t mean having to compromise on your health. We focus on providing delicious treats that satisfy your snack needs on a daily basis, adding a refreshing note to your breath! We make it a rule from working only with premium natural ingredients and trustworthy suppliers, in order to meet your rigorous expectations.

    With a 100% vegetarian recipe, low caloric content and no unnecessary preservatives or chemicals added, this traditional Indian treat will become your favorite snack, being individually wrapped, perfect for keeping in your purse or backpack!

    The Rose Mints are an original present for friends and loved ones, being ideal for special holidays, Diwali, Ramadan, Christmas and other occasions! Order our convenient 30-pack and share with the entire family!

    Additional Information

    100% vegetarian, dairy and gluten free

    12 months shelf life;

    Manufactured in UAE in highest quality facilities;
    Individually wrapped for extra safety and portability;
    Luxurious mint feel with prolonged aftertaste;
    Ideal present for holidays, Diwali, Ramadan, Christmas.

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