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    About the Product

    A fresh and tangy blend of tomatoes and spices with fried potato wafers that gives you an extra tangy and yummy flavour to your palette. One of its kind wafers, Balaji's products always boast of high-quality and superior ingredients. When hosting a house party for your kids and their friends, have different flavoured potato wafers including Tomato Masti Chips, coke, cake and some pasta, the little kiddies would want to come to your home often. Chips taste best as an any-time snack or with chilled beverages!


    Potato, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt, Spices Condiments (Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Chili, Cumin, Clove, Cinnamon)

    Nutritional Facts

    Nutritional Value per 100 g

    • Energy 501 kcal
    • Protein 6. 3 g
    • Fat 23. 9g
    • Carbohydrates 65. 2 g
    • Added Sugar 5. 5g
    • Saturated Fat 11. 1 g
    • Monounsaturated Fatty Acid- 0 g
    • Polyunsaturated fatty acid 0 g
    • Sodium- 566
    • Trans Fat- 0 .1 g


    Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Once opened, keep it in an airtight container.

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