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    Sev Murmura Puffed beaten rice, mixed with tasty fried sev make this snack unbeatable for its flavoursome taste. Enjoy this whenever you are hungry and looking for a bite that is tight and rich in taste.

    Fat- free puffed rice with a hint of mild spices, Balaji Sev Murmura is an extremely tasty fun snack. Added to puffed rice, are lentils noodles which makes the taste of it- all the more delicious.


    Chickpea flour, lentils, varieties of nuts, kalojeera, potatoes, rice flakes, peanuts, cereals, vegetable oil, raisins, cashews, salt, spinach, wheat flour, red chilli, cumin and black pepper.


    Store it in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.

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