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Groceries at Your Fingertips: Skip the Line. Go Online.

Groceries at Your Fingertips: Skip the Line. Go Online.

Offline Shopping

Yay, it's the weekend! You wake up and make a cup of coffee, ready to enjoy the day - only to realize that you're out of groceries. Your first mission for the day is now clear: go grocery shopping!

You are thinking, "Should I change into my jeans for this mundane task, or should I sneakily go to the store, hoping I won't bump into anyone while I'm in my pajamas?" After making that decision, which was the first among many, you step out of the house for grocery shopping.

As you get into the car, you remind yourself that you had vowed on Friday not to drive this week, as you had already chauffeured enough. You regret that you couldn't honor your simple decision, and with a sigh, you move on with your errand. When you roll up to the mall, you glance at the parking machine, and a realization hits you. COVID has really changed everything: now all you have to do is wave your hand, and voila! You got your parking ticket without ever touching a button.

After getting the parking ticket, it's time to find a spot in the busy parking lot. You have the triumph of finding a parking lot closer to the entrance, and you can take a sigh of relief that you don't need to increase your step count so early. You walk into the mall ready to get this shopping mission done as quickly as possible, like a samurai ready to fight! When you stepped foot in the shop, it was a Saturday, and it felt like the entire town had gathered there. You surveyed the shop with a smile and sighed—looks like you didn't get lucky today! Trading friendly banter wasn't exactly in the cards, at least not here.

You ran into the grocery aisle, and then you remembered something important: your grocery list! You slapped your forehead and asked, "What kind of a clumsy buffoon am I?" for not double-checking such a simple task. You're torn between going back to the car to get the list and relying on your super memory, which could save you some time. And you decided to disregard the step count in favor of trusting your memory and continuing shopping.

You went to the necessities section looking for milk and bread, patted yourself on the back thinking you'd already achieved victory as your memory served you well, but then realized it was a premature celebration! When you enter the snacks section, you don’t remember the brand of snacks your kids craved the last time, and then you realize your mistake as it was on the list left in the car. But you stick to your decision and select the snacks that you think your kids will probably enjoy. If they don't eat, you're going to have to pig out! Brace yourself and barrel towards the checkout line—there's a long line of shoppers waiting with bated breath to join in, making it even longer!

Mission accomplished, and that brings an end to the drudgery of grocery shopping, my weekend spoiler!

Online Shopping

Thanks to my son's challenge, my weekends have become more relaxing, and I have found more ME time. I was wondering how I found my secret weekend companion: online grocery shopping.

I am sure you have witnessed quite a transformation in shopping from pre-internet days to the age of the internet! When I first heard about online shopping, let me tell you, it was a far-fetched idea for me. I couldn't comprehend how to purchase something without having the chance to touch, feel, or compare it with other products! With that thought, I never ordered groceries online for a long time.

One day, my 6-year-old made me realize that my cooking skills weren't up to par with their friends' parents' culinary abilities. He pointed out that why didn't we ever make Indian desserts in our house? That was a tough one for me to digest! I was taken aback, but I stepped up and rose to the challenge! That led me to start searching for an Indian recipe, and I stumbled upon India Bazaar. What surprised me was that this site not only shared the recipe, like other regular sites, but it also listed all the necessary ingredients, which I could order and not worry about finding from multiple shops.

India Bazaar came to my rescue, as it was a one-stop shop where I could buy all the ingredients. Ordering the products was easy, and they were delivered to my doorstep, which saved me time and energy.

I would like to give a big thank you to India Bazaar, as it was my saving grace and made me the best chef for my six-year-old. That feeling was enough to make an instant connection with India Bazaar, and from that point on, there was no looking back.

India Bazaar goes all out to make sure they offer you the best service and products. If they don't find the product you've requested, they won't send some random replacement product. They will actually call to let you know what else is available. How thoughtful! Sometimes you are very particular about a brand and will not settle for an alternative. In that case, they refund me and keep me posted on when the product will be available again. This kind of personal touch with your customers is commendable.

Since then, I haven't looked back. Going online to shop was an absolute no-brainer—it saves me heaps of time, effort and money too. In these busy times, every second counts! 

If you still believe online shopping is not your cup tea, read on to find out what you are missing out.

Online grocery shopping will save you money by avoiding making unnecessary impulse purchases. It also saves your effort of finding parking spots and standing in long lines at the checkout. By shopping for groceries online, you can save time and spend that time with your family and friends, or you can steal some "ME time" for yourselves and bask in the sun to unwind from the demanding week. While you are enjoying life, someone else is doing the mundane job of grocery shopping for you. Doesn't having someone else run your errands make you feel like royalty?


This is not intended to demean the experience of going to the shops for groceries, as it was a necessary activity before the internet era, when ordering online was nonexistent. However, in this digital age, when we have the whole world at our fingertips, should we still be stuck in the pre-Internet era? Perhaps it's time to ponder and explore the available options.

Stay at home and go wild in the kitchen! With just a few clicks, you can get access to great product ranges—soon you'll amaze everyone with your culinary skills and might become a Master Chef!

Let India Bazaar help you on your cooking journey! With their online delivery service all across South Africa, you don't have to worry about a thing. Shop to your heart’s content online and get all your groceries delivered straight to your door.

  • Feb 11, 2023
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