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    There's no mistaking the flavour of Our sauces. You scoop up the last drop, We serve real smiles & flaming-hot welcomes 100% of the time. The home of the King, the best Burgers in Town.


    Water, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Egg, Tomato Paste, Tartrazine (Colourant), Thickner (E1442), Irradiated, Mustard Powder (2.1%), Salt, Acidity Regulators (E260, E270), Stabilizer, Reconstituted Worcester SaucePowder (Sugar, Salt, Colourant [Sulphur Dioxide), Irradiated Spice, Maltodextrin, Flavourants, Anticaking Agent (E551), Palm Fruit Fat. Cntains Antioxidant TBHQ]) Flavourings (Soybean Oil, Mustard}, Irradiated Peri-Peri Powder [Maize Flour, Spice, Cereal (Wheat Gluten)], Preservatives, Sodium Benzoate (E211), Pottassium Sotbate (E202), Reconstituted Lemon Juice (Sulphur Dioxide), Paprika [Papika, Cereal (Gluten), Antioxident as an Additive. BHT (E321), BHA (E320)

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