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    About the Product

    Punjab Kingg Extra Long Basmati Creamy Sella Rice is distinguished by its fineness and smooth texture of its grains. The cooked grains won’t break or stick together. The aroma is delicate and the taste is simply irresistible.


    Basmati Rice


    • Very low sugar content

    • Contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that the body needs

    • High in fibre so that it maintains a feeling of fullness longer, good for digestive, intestinal and heart health

    How to Use

    1. Wash the rice with water until it is clear then drain.

    2. Add water according to the ratio (1:2) and soak the rice for about 120 minutes.

    3. Put the rice into the rice cooker and wait until it is cooked.

    Storage Instruction

    Store in ambient temperature and dry place.

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