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    Our Immunity Booster is a blend of 10 nutritious herbs which fulfill the daily nutrient requirement of our body and hence help in boosting immunity. You will get nutrients along with energy from this juice. Ashwagandha in it boosts energy, turmeric is anti inflammatory, moringa is a complete food for your body, amla acts as a rejuvinator and giloy has been called AMRIT since ancient India due to its nutritious properties.

    - Strengthens respiratory functions

    - Helps fight bacteria & viruses

    - Develops immunity


    Improves respiratory problems

    I act as a detoxifying agent and fight respiratory problems by boosting body immunity.

    Combats cold and cough

    I am effective in curing viral issues such as cold and cough.

    Develops immunity

    With goodness of vitamins & minerals, I boost your immunity instantly.

    Did You Know?
    • Giloy, the age old miraculous herb is also known as "amrita" in sanskrit, Which means "immortality". in fact, according to the ayurvedic experts consuming giloy everyday can keep diseases at bay
    • Ashwagandha is popularly known as “Indian Winter cherry” or “Indian Ginseng”.
    • It plays a pivotal role increasing the count of white blood cells and killer cells which also fights disease.
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