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    About the Product

    Sprouted Fenugreek Rice is one of the most common south Indian dishes. Native Food Store introduced Sprouted Fenugreek Rice Mix Powder which tastes great with Rice, Vermicelli & Poha. It adds more spice and flavour to your rice. So impress your family and friends with delicious rice made using Native Food Store Sprouted Fenugreek Rice Mix Powder.


    Sprouted Fenugreek, Black Gram, Red Chilli, Tamarind, Asafoetida and Iodised Salt.

    Nutritional Facts

    Serving size: 100g

    • Calories from Fat 8.1
    • Calories Total 362
    • Trans Fat 0g
    • Saturated Fat 0.90g
    • Cholesterol 0g
    • Sodium 5mg
    • Total Carbohydrates 83.80g
    • Sugars 0g
    • Protein 8.56g

    How to Use

    Add Sprouted Fenugreek rice mix powder in Hot rice with oil or ghee.

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