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    About the Product

    Modaks Saffron Flavour Essence can be used to enhance the taste and aroma of various dishes and desserts. Essences are generally added to food to impart a particular flavour and colour to the beverage or any dish preparation. With varied flavours, you can become a Master Chef at home, ready to make any desired flavoured milkshake or water-based drink. It is basically a substance in a concentrated form that imparts flavour and fragrance to food preparations. With a drop of this essence, you can relish many food preparations. 


    Monopropylene Glycol E1520, Water, Sugar, Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) & Artificial Saffron Flavour.

    How to Use

    It is used in food flavouring, in cake, ice cream, Biryani etc.

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