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    About the Product

    Craving for the sweet aam ka taste and rich flavour when it isn't the mango season? Look no further! Made with 100% real Alphonso mangoes, Kissan Mango Jam will leave you captivated by the smell, sweetness and fresh taste of Alphonso mangoes. Kissan Mango Jam is best partnered with bread to provide yummy on the go breakfast for your kid every morning. Think of different ways to eat it. Spread it on a crunchy cracker, roll it up in a chapatti, drink it stirred in milk or whip up a bread and Jam delight for your kid's breakfast with an assortment of flavours.

    Kissan Mango Jam is made with 100% real Alphonso fruit Ingredients


    Mango Pulp, Sugar, Thickener - 440, Acidity Regulator - 330, Preservative - 202, 10% Alphanso Pulp, Vitamin B3. Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colours(122), Added Nature Indentical Flavours (Mango )

    Nutritional Facts

    Nutritional Values per serve (20 g)

    • Energy (Kcal) - 56
    • Protein (g) - Traces
    • Fat (g) - 0.04
    • Saturated Fat (g) - 0.01
    • Trans Fat (g) - NIL
    • Carbohydrates (g) - 13.8 Of Which Sugar (g) - 13.6
    • Dietary Fiber (g) - 0.2

    How to Use

    Use a clean and dry spoon/knife to scoop the jam.

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