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    About the product

    IB Munakka / Munaqa is generally a different colour from the natural green raisins. It is mostly used in cooking and toppings. They are extremely healthy and are sweet in taste. It is majorly used for garnishing desserts and dishes in India. Munakka / Abjosh contains high amounts of iron and vitamins. It helps in the normal functioning of the heart and keeping heart ailments at bay.


    Dried Grapes.

    Nutritional Facts

    • Calories: 299,
    • Carbs: 79 g,
    • Fat: 0 g,
    • Protein: 3 g.

    How to Use

    • It is mostly used in cooking or as a topping for desserts.


    • It helps in increasing overall body health and immune system, malnutrition, disease or old age.
    • If taken regularly it will improve body strength and endurance.
    • It has high amounts of iron and vitamins, which helps people with anemia and helps to increase hemoglobin in blood specialties for women.
    • It also protects against other diseases of the blood that are caused by chronic fever and inflammation.
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