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    About the Product

    COG Green Moong Daal is one of the best vegetarian Superfoods that has been praised for its amazing health benefits. Whether cooked or eaten raw when sprouted, Moong dal is always tasty and an excellent source of valuable nutrients and protein. This moong dal delivers pure, healthy, chemical and pesticide-free cooking ingredients that make your lifestyle healthier.

    Nutritional Facts

    • Calories: 334,
    • Carbs: 54 g,
    • Fat: 3 g,
    • Protein: 26 g.

    How To Use

    • Use COG Crushed Green Moong Dal to make the classic Indian Dal.
    • Boil the lentils to a stew-like consistency with vegetables and then season with a mixture of spices to make a tasty accompaniment for rice and rotis.


    • It is rich in Vitamin A, B, C and E and also in many minerals including iron, calcium, and potassium.
    • It is considered a healthy weight loss food as it is a low-fat food rich in proteins and fiber.
    • It helps to lower the high cholesterol level in the blood system.


    Store in a cool and dry place.

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