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    About the Product

    Murukku is a crispy, light and aromatic deep fried snack made with rice flour and urad dal flour. It is quite popular in South India and usually made during the festive season of Diwali. 


    Rice Flour, Black Lentil, Salt, Compounded Asafoetida and Red Chilli Powder

    How to Use

    Step1: Take 200g of Aachi Murukku Mix and add 4 – 5g of Aachi ghee, 1g of black Sesame Seeds and 1g of Jeera (optional) and add required water to the mix to prepare a soft dough.

    Step2: Divide the dough to equal parts. Now grease the murukku press and feed with the divided dough.

    Step3: Heat oil in kadai (when a small portion of dough is dropped into the oil, the dough should immediately pop to the surface of the oil, which indicates that the oil is heated perfectly). Press the dough with the required die provided with the press and fry till the colour changes to golden brown. Filter oil. Now tasty Aachi Murukku is ready to serve.

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